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Cuba: Behind the Embargo (2nd Edition)
  • Jason R. Old
Most people who live in the United States have heard the media and the U.S. Government demonize Cuba, its leaders, and its system. However, have you ever wanted to know what Cuba is really like? If the U.S. media and government have been guilty of fabricating other misconceptions and covering up covert operations in order to deceive the American public, could it be possible that Cuba is another such case? Why would the U.S. continue disseminating Cold War rhetoric about a tiny island nation like Cuba? Who is benefiting from perpetuating a decades-old economic embargo against a country with few allies and fewer resources? Americans tend to see this island jewel as either “forbidden fruit” or as the communist devil dwelling in our own back yard. But ever since the U.S. imposed the Trade Embargo on Cuba in 1962, it has been nearly impossible for American citizens to visit Cuba legally and come to their own conclusions. Author Jason Old decided that listening to the media and US Government about Cuba wasn’t enough, and instead decided to embark on his own life-changing trip to Cuba to see for himself what the real Cuba was like behind the embargo. Join Jason on his travels across Cuba to get a better sense of the Cuban socialist system, the country’s history, its people, and the culture that make this controversial Caribbean country so inspiring for some, yet so despised by others.
  • Cuba,
  • Latin America,
  • Che Guevara,
  • Fidel Castro,
  • Caribbean
Publication Date
Summer June 9, 2015
Abigale Manheim
Anthrotourism Press
Citation Information
Jason R. Old. Cuba: Behind the Embargo (2nd Edition). SecondTampa(2015)
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