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Something Old, Something New , Something Bold, Something Cool: A Marriage of T wo Repositories
NASIG Annual Conference (2017)
  • Carol Ann Davis
  • Jason Boczar
For the past several years, many libraries have been developing institutional repositories to house their open
access publishing efforts to both showcase and preserve their faculty’s research. Some of those same libraries
have been building sizable digital collections, often built from digitized versions of materials in their special

So what happens when you put these two groups together? The University of South Florida Tampa Library did
exactly that by creating a new Digital Scholarship Services unit. The union of these two groups has created new
synergies between staff in complementary areas of the library, as we combine unique skill sets from each group
to offer new services to the faculty.

This presentation will discuss why this change was made, examine some of the benefits and growing pains of
this change, and showcase some of the unusual projects that have resulted. For example, a group of faculty from
the College of Education has a multimodal project featuring new methodological approaches for analyzing
various formats such as websites, images, and film. The library also has two research associates who are
archaeologists creating three dimensional representations of artifacts for cultural heritage preservation that are
now embedded with metadata in the repository. Creating such collections not only highlights the university’s work
but provides materials professors can use to enhance their course curricula and use technology to engage
students in new and innovative ways.
  • digital colletions,
  • institutional repositories,
  • digital scholarship,
  • organizational change
Publication Date
June 9, 2017
Indianapolis, IN
Citation Information
Carol Ann Davis and Jason Boczar. "Something Old, Something New , Something Bold, Something Cool: A Marriage of T wo Repositories" NASIG Annual Conference (2017)
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