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Unpublished Paper
Removing the Eye Patch: Taking a Closer Look at Modern Piracy Prevention
ExpressO (2007)
  • Jason W. Power

Piracy has existed since humans were capable of roaming the waters of the world. Pirates were the scourges of the world’s oceans for many years, plundering and pillaging at will any ship that they desired. For most people, this is when piracy existed, the times of pirates like Blackbeard, Captain Kid, and the famous ship called Jolly Roger. But what most people do not know is this was not the end of piracy.

To respond to the ever growing threat of piracy, many companies have developed technology to aid in the war against piracy. In addition, many nations have implemented anti-piracy task forces to bring down this plague of the seas in the modern world.

Aiding in the fight against piracy, the efforts of organizations like the International Maritime Organization and the Piracy Reporting Center located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, whose purpose is to raise awareness of piracy hotspots, and give details about their methods and attacks, may help the world’s waterways soon become a safer place for commercial and leisure crafts. Along with organizations such as the International Maritime Organization, many private companies have created products to aid in piracy prevention such as ShipLoc, Secure Ship and the Long Range Acoustic Device.

Along with products, there are many theories for improving piracy prevention including uniform jurisdiction, privatization of anti-piracy efforts, and allowing crew members to defend themselves.

In the end, any method of piracy prevention is useless unless nations prepare for incidents by instituting safety measures for their waterways, and sailors take measures into their own hands by regularly reporting incidents of piracy and staying informed of current news.

Publication Date
May, 2007
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Jason W. Power. "Removing the Eye Patch: Taking a Closer Look at Modern Piracy Prevention" ExpressO (2007)
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