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The Folly of Employability: The Case for a Citizen-Driven Market Economy
Annales, Series Historia et Sociologia (2014)
  • Jason A. Laker, San Jose State University
  • Concepción Naval, Universidad de Navarra
  • Kornelija Mrnjaus, University of Rijeka
In this conceptual essay, the authors argue that the present approach taken in crafting economic, educational,and employment policies and structures imagines people as inanimate objects for policy makers and industry titansto leverage for their own interests. When the population is not immediately willing or able to accommodate theproduction and profi t-making desires of the leaders, it is framed as a shortcoming in individuals and their communitiesrather than as a mismatch with the implicit assumptions of those promulgating such expectations. The authorsdevelop an argument that if the policy makers and industry leaders truly believe in market solutions, then they shouldrespect the vocational aspirations of the people and provide support for education and entrepreneurial skills to bedeveloped in individuals to use as they wish. This recasting of a so-called “market” approach places the workersat the centre, believing that much stronger and sustainable economic returns would be realised whilst developingstrong social capital in the process.
  • youth employability,
  • tertiary education,
  • vocational education and training,
  • citizenship education,
  • protean career,
  • economic development
Publication Date
August 24, 2014
Citation Information
Jason A. Laker, Concepción Naval and Kornelija Mrnjaus. "The Folly of Employability: The Case for a Citizen-Driven Market Economy" Annales, Series Historia et Sociologia Vol. 24 Iss. 3 (2014) ISSN: 1408-5348
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