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Canadian Perspectives on Men & Masculinities
  • Jason A. Laker, San José State University
This new interdisciplinary reader is one of the only texts that explores men and masculinity issues within a distinctly Canadian context. Featuring sixteen original essays by leading scholars from a wide range of disciplines, this fascinating volume analyzes the many ways in which men and masculine gender roles have been constructed and depicted within Canadian society. Organized into three thematic sections, the text examines topics such as popular culture, sports, immigration, race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, and other dimensions of identity, while considering whether 'Canadian masculinity' is particularly unique. Current and comprehensive, Canadian Perspectives on Men & Masculinities is essential reading for understanding the multifaceted and ever-evolving male experience in Canada.
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Jason A. Laker
Oxford University Press Canada
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Jason A. Laker. Canadian Perspectives on Men & Masculinities. 1st ed.Toronto(2012) p. 1 - 325
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