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Discoveries from the abyss: The abyssomicins and their total synthesis
Synthesis (2009)
  • K.C. Nicolaou, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Scott T. Harrison, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Jason Chen, The Scripps Research Institute
Abyssomicin C is a recently discovered antibiotic with
promising antibacterial activity, high structural complexity, and a
novel mechanism of action. We give an account of our abyssomicin
campaign and some of the discoveries that were borne of our total
synthesis efforts, including a new Lewis acid templated Diels–
Alder reaction, the previously undescribed atrop-abyssomicin C, a
facile Brønsted acid-catalyzed isomerization of abyssomicin C, and
clarification of the likely biosynthetic origin of abyssomicin D.
  • antibiotics,
  • atropisomerism,
  • Diels-Alder reactions,
  • metathesis,
  • total synthesis
Publication Date
Publisher Statement
This article is from Synthesis 1 (2009): 33, doi:10.1055/s-0028-1083259. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
K.C. Nicolaou, Scott T. Harrison and Jason Chen. "Discoveries from the abyss: The abyssomicins and their total synthesis" Synthesis Vol. 1 (2009) p. 33 - 42
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