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The art of total synthesis through cascade reactions
Chemical Society Reviews (2009)
  • K.C. Nicolaou, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Jason Chen, The Scripps Research Institute
The growing importance of cascade reactions reflects and imparts advances in the state of the art
of organic synthesis and underscores the desire of synthetic chemists to achieve higher levels of
elegance and efficiency. Besides their esthetic appeal, cascade processes offer economical and
environmentally friendly means for generating molecular complexity. Because of their many
advantages, these reactions have found numerous applications in the synthesis of complex
molecules, both natural and designed. In this tutorial review, we highlight the design and
execution of cascade reactions within the context of total synthesis as demonstrated with
selected examples from these laboratories.
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Publisher Statement
This article is from Chemical Society Reviews 38 (2009): 2993, doi:10.1039/b903290h. Posted with permission.
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K.C. Nicolaou and Jason Chen. "The art of total synthesis through cascade reactions" Chemical Society Reviews Vol. 38 (2009) p. 2993 - 3009
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