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Tracking Electronic Resource Acquisitions: Using a Helpdesk System to Succeed where your ERMS Failed
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  • Xan Arch, Stanford University
  • Jason S Price, Claremont University Consortium
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Conference Proceeding
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From selection to license negotiation through activation, libraries need the ability to track the electronic resource acquisition process and support uninterrupted workflow through multiple people and/or departments. Existing systems store fragments of information about a resource, but they don’t support management of the progress of each resource through the electronic resource acquisition maze. Stanford and Claremont have configured the JIRA and Footprints ticketing systems to address this fundamental need. Our systems facilitate efficient and complete activation of e-resources, and allow greater transparency in the acquisitions process throughout the organization. We will demonstrate the key features & functionality of our independently configured systems and invite discussion about these critical improvements to electronic resource management systems.
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Arch, X. & Price, J.S., 2009. Tracking electronic resource acquisitions: Using a helpdesk system to succeed where your ERMS failed. In K. Strauch, B. Bernhardt, & L. Hines, eds. Charleston Conference Proceedings. Charleston, SC: Against the Grain Press, pp. 437-449.