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Course Syllabus
HIST2P99 (Ideas and Culture before 1850)
Ideas and Culture before 1850 (2012)
  • Jason Dyck
This course surveys some of the key intellectual debates and cultural developments during the Ages of Enlightenment and Revolution. It follows changing ideas of science, politics, and religion; it explores the early origins of modern ethnography and racism; it traces the development of feminism and human rights; and it examines the rise of imperialism, industrialization, romanticism, and communism. Since Europe witnessed an increasing level of cross-cultural exchanges throughout the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, this course pays close attention to how European ideas and culture were influenced by interaction with peoples in both the Atlantic and Pacific worlds and in the Middle East.
  • history,
  • intellectual history,
  • Europe
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Jason Dyck. "HIST2P99 (Ideas and Culture before 1850)" Ideas and Culture before 1850 (2012)
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