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Unpublished Paper
POSSESSION-Factual Power or Law
Civil Law (2016)
  • Jasna Mladenovska
Writing the article was motivated by the knowledge about the issue possession under its legal nature, whether it is factual power or right.
Analysing whether the possession is actual power or the right to contribute to a better understanding of the possession because people daily in some sort of possession of the goods or rights, so you should know what they represent.
The goal is to motivate people to gain possession of the property and rights and benefit from them.
Possession as factual authority has meaning from a theoretical point of view, but also in terms of people, because possession is an institute that is directly related to their goods and rights.
  • possession,
  • ownership,
  • actual power,
  • maintenance,
  • fact,
  • goods,
  • institute.
Publication Date
Winter February 17, 2016
Citation Information
Jasna Mladenovska. "POSSESSION-Factual Power or Law" Civil Law (2016)
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