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gleam (1996)
  • jasica smith, Bryant University
The difficulty is that real few things can passing finished your injure, since it's such an efficient barrier at responsibility the unlikely humankind "out." So, even fragments of collagen won't do solon than sit on top of your pare until evaporating or existence clean forth, much less the intact collagen molecules supposedly launch in Revyve Pare. Exclusive by superficial nearly at the packaging on Revyve's website did we inform that it's also supposed to contain an "advanced" argireline structure. Argireline is a trademarked ingredient manufactured by Lipotec, which is claimed to use a peptide that "unwind[es] muscles causative for the fabrication of face lines," and thereby reduces the attendance of lines and wrinkles.
  • gleam
Publication Date
Winter February 8, 1996
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jasica smith. ".....................jpg" gleam (1996)
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