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Two-phase partitioning bioreactors in fermentation technology
Biotechnol. Adv. (2001)
  • Janusz J. Malinowski

The two-phase partitioning bioreactor concept appears to have a great potential in enhancing the productivity of many bioprocesses. The proper selection of an organic solvent is the key to successful application of this approach in industrial practice. The integration of fermentation and a primary product separation step has a positive impact on the productivity of many fermentation processes. The controlled substrate delivery from the organic to the aqueous phase opens a new area of application of this strategy to biodegradation of xenobiotics. In this review, the most recent advances in the application of two-liquid phase partitioning bioreactors for product or substrate partitioning are discussed. Modeling and performance optimization studies related to those bioreactor systems are also reviewed.

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Janusz J. Malinowski. "Two-phase partitioning bioreactors in fermentation technology" Biotechnol. Adv. Vol. 19 (2001)
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