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5 Deans in 5 Years: Chairs Leading Through Change
Academic Chairpersons Conference Proceedings
  • Janna L Scarborough, East Tennessee State University
Presentation Type
Best Practice Presentation (45 minute presentation about a specific best practice)

The chair/dean relationship often has a direct impact on departmental success. What happens when the there is a change in deanship? The presenters will share their experience of having five deans in five years. Through case studies and dialogue, strategies for navigating dean transitions will be shared and examined.

  • Chair/Dean Relationships; Leadership Styles; Leadership Transitions; Dean Transitions; Systemic Change
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0
Citation Information
Scarborough, J.L., Evanshen, P., Keith, K., & Ramsey, M. W. (2017). 5 deans in 5 years: Chairs leading change.