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Finding voice: Two Afro Caribbean immigrant members of the academy writing ‘home’. 32(2), 147–162.
Studies in Continuing Education (2010)
  • Janice B Fournillier, Georgia State University
  • Theodore Lewis, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Two Afro Caribbean immigrants share our individual experiences of navigating the United States (US) academy, and the strengths we derived in the process. We explore the questions: How do we make meaning of our experiences as members of the academe? What accounts for our ability to perform, develop, and grow as scholars in the US? We used the writings of local and international1 scholars as frames for the analyses of our experiences. Our reflections on the situated and peculiar nature of our dispositions as persons of African descent from the Caribbean are not meant to set us apart or create distance from scholars who identify as members of the Black Diaspora. It is a way of coming to know self differently instead of focusing on differences that can become yet another divider. We hope that all persons who can vicariously enter into the experiences might gain strength from our willingness to ‘break the silences that often immobilize us’.
  • Afro Caribbean; US academy; Black Diaspora; immigrant; finding voice
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Janice B Fournillier and Theodore Lewis. "Finding voice: Two Afro Caribbean immigrant members of the academy writing ‘home’. 32(2), 147–162." Studies in Continuing Education Vol. 32 Iss. 2 (2010)
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