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Value Transfer in Conditioned Inhibition
Paper presented to the International Conference on Comparative Cognition (2013)
  • Benjamin G. Simpkins, Georgia Southern University
  • William T. Suits, Georgia Southern University
  • Janice Steirn, Georgia Southern University
This pair of experiments tests the associatively-based Value Transfer (VT) model in the autoshaping of pigeons. Value transfer has been demonstrated primarily in operant choice procedures. The current studies examine it in a classical conditioning conditioned inhibition procedure. Previous studies on VT have shown that a stimulus not associated with an appetitive outcome can acquire associative value when presented alongside an appetitive stimulus. The first experiment focuses on the transfer of appetitive value to stimuli that indicate non-occurrence of reinforcement (conditioned inhibitors). The second experiment tests VT to conditioned inhibitors associated with a nonpreferred food color from stimuli associated with a preferred food color.  The results are examined for both value transfer and contrast effects.
  • Value Transfer model,
  • VT
Publication Date
March 21, 2013
Citation Information
Benjamin G. Simpkins, William T. Suits and Janice Steirn. "Value Transfer in Conditioned Inhibition" Paper presented to the International Conference on Comparative Cognition (2013)
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