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Coordinating Multijurisdiction Class Actions Through Existing Certification Processes
Canadian Business Law Journal. Volume 42, Issue 1 (2005), p. 112-121.
  • Janet Walker, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
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  • appropriate forum,
  • Class Actions,
  • constitutional law,
  • Judicial Jurisdiction,
  • recognition and enforcement of judgments
With legislative regimes permitting multijurisdiction class actions on an opt-out basis, it is increasingly likely for persons to be subject to conflicting determinations of their rights and for defendants to be confronted with claims on behalf of plaintiff classes of uncertain size and scope. This comment outlines means by which competition between multijurisdiction class actions in Canada may be regulated through existing certification process.
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Walker, Janet. "Coordinating Multijurisdiction Class Actions Through Existing Certification Processes." Canadian Business Law Journal 42.1 (2005): 112-121.