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What Next? Women seeking work-life balance by setting up lifestyle businesses
Managing mayhem: Work-life balance in New Zealand (2007)
  • Janet G Sayers
This paper draws on material gathered in a larger research project investigating the experiences of New Zealanders working in and from home, recently published in Sayers & Monin (2005). To supplement this material, the chapter draws on articles that have profiled women’s working lives in the Next magazine. All Next magazine articles that profiled women setting up businesses related to arts, crafts and lifestyles (between January 2003 and January 2006) were collected and common themes were identified. The articles paint a vivid and fascinating story about women in New Zealand attempting, in a variety of ways, to meld their creative passions with the love of their families. These, often home-based businesses (HBB), are generally poorly covered in business research (Sayers & Monin, 2005), perhaps because these businesses are so closely related to the home, and what happens in the home. Issues addressed in the businesses include parenting, children, the environment, personal politics and values, pets, creative arts and crafts, shopping, and food: these are all generally trivialized in research and business compared to the more ‘masculine’ pursuits of technology, for example.
  • small business,
  • craft business,
  • lifestyle business
Publication Date
Marilyn Waring & Christina Fouche
Dunmore Thomson Learning
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Janet G Sayers. "What Next? Women seeking work-life balance by setting up lifestyle businesses" MelbourneManaging mayhem: Work-life balance in New Zealand (2007)
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