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Organizational culture, change and emotions: A qualitative study
Journal of Change Management (2010)
  • Janet G Sayers
  • Roy K Smollan, Auckland University of Technology
Change triggers emotions as employees experience the processes and outcomes of organizational transformation. An organization’s affective culture, which shapes the way emotions are experienced and expressed, plays a particularly important part during changes to the culture and other aspects of organizational life. This article ontributes to the literature by illustrating the relationships between culture, change and emotions and presents the results of a qualitative study. The study found that when participants’ values were congruent with those of the organization, they tended to react to change more positively. Cultural change provoked emotional reactions, often of an intense nature. When emotions were acknowledged and treated with respect, people became more engaged with the change. Attitudes to existing culture also produced emotional responses to aspects of change.
  • change; emotions; New Zealand; organizational culture
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Roy K. Smollan and Janet G. Sayers "Organizational culture, change and emotions: A qualitative study" Journal of Change Management pending (2010).