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About Janet Folina

Folina is currently very interested in 19th Century philosophy of mathematics, including the work of Hamilton, De Morgan, and Bolzano. She continues to be interested also in 20th Century philosophy of mathematics, including Poincaré and Weyl. She is also interested in the topic of justification in mathematics quite generally; in particular, the role of visual evidence and other less "rigorous" forms of justification, and their relation to mathematical proofs.
Folina has taught at Macalester since 1989.
EDUCATION: B.A., Williams College; M. Phil., Ph.D., St. Andrew’s University, Scotland


Present Professor, Philosophy, Macalester College


Research Interests

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  • Introduction to Symbolic Logic
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Problems of Philosophy

Contact Information

Macalester College
Old Main 100
1600 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
(651) 696-6159


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