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Monographs Acquisitions Time and Cost Studies: The Next Generation
Library Resources & Technical Services
  • David C. Fowler, Iowa State University
  • Janet Arcand, Iowa State University
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This article is based on time and cost studies conducted at Iowa State University between 1994/95 and 2000/01. It represents a continuation of previous analyses in which monographs acquisitions functions were evaluated and examined with a view toward using the results as a management tool. Continued decreases in time and cost factors were anticipated as the library migrated to more advanced technologies, but time reductions were mitigated by new initiatives that were added to the work processes. As a result of various factors, costs associated with the acquisition of monographs generally increased, but the value of the services provided by the Monographs Acquisitions Department was enhanced considerably.

This article is from Library Resources & Technical Services 47 (2003): 109–124. Posted with permission.

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American Library Association
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David C. Fowler and Janet Arcand. "Monographs Acquisitions Time and Cost Studies: The Next Generation" Library Resources & Technical Services Vol. 47 Iss. 3 (2003) p. 109 - 124
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