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About Janet Roberts

I taught at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where I earned a Fulbright Scholar Award in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. I also taught at Temple University, in Philadelphia, as an Assistant Professor, and at Fordham University in New York City, among other universities. I also taught abroad in two EU Reform programs in Kosovo and Macedonia, in peace education, at their respective prestigious universities; I taught for 7 years in China, teaching for two years at Nanjing University, and lecturing at the John Hopkins Center as well as spending three years in Shanghai, teaching at Fudan University, and one year teaching at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. I also taught for one year in Ulaan Baatar Mongolia for the University of Boulder, situated in cooperation with the UB University. I have degrees from The University of Wisconsin, Madison, having done my English degree at Oxford University, and doing a MFA equivalancy with a semester in Amherst Massachusetts at the Emily Dickinson house, a graduate seminar in HD Thoreau in Concord, Massachusetts(as well as tracing his route of all his essays), and then Phd courses at the University of Wisconsin, and at The University of Pennsylvania, along with pursuing a Museums Studies degree obtained through the University of Delaware, at the famous Winterthur Museum. My specialty was connoisseurship: The Kashmir Shawl. In that capacity, I edited Frank Ames' book Woven Masterpieces of Sikh Heritage. The Stylistic Development of the Kashmir Shawl under Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1780-1839. My Fulbright in Central Asia instructed me in the culture of textiles and carpets, which knowledge i brought to a lecture at the International Rug Convention in Washington D.C. pursuing my continual interest: text and image and in this instance, textile design! I looked at textiles, the carpet in poetry, and painting. My early publication was on the Mesopotamian textile visible on the sculpture of Enheduanna, a lecture which I presented at the National Textile Society conference in Madison, Wisconsin.


Present Researcher and Institute Participant, University of California Berkeley

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

Image and Text, Interarts, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture and Literature, Textiles and Arts, and Textiles and Cultural Heritage

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Honors and Awards

  • FUlbright Scholar Award
  • NEH Award Gardens and Literature
  • Quaker Meeting Peace Award 2x Rep of GA and Mongolia
  • AAUW Poetry Award
  • NJSCA Poetry Fellowship


  • Creative Writing: Interarts Application.
  • The Classics to Modernism
  • World Literature


1965 - 1970 B.S. English Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wi
1967 - 1968 BA English, Oxford University England

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