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About Jane B. Singer

Jane Singer teaches conceptual and hands-on classes in digital journalism, as well as undergraduate courses in editing, journalism ethics and political coverage, and graduate courses in communication technology and theory.
Singer's professional experience includes 10 years in the editorial department of what evolved into the Prodigy interactive service. She was Prodigy's first news manager, in charge of one of the first around-the-clock news products ever to be delivered to people's homes through a computer. She also has five years experience as a reporter and editor at three East Coast newspapers.
Singer recently returned to Iowa after three years as the Johnston Press Chair in Digital Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire in England, where she remains a Visiting Professor. She worked closely with Johnston Press, one of the largest publishers of regional newspapers in Britain, to help their journalists make the transition from a print world to a digital one. She also continued her research into other aspects of digital journalism. She is especially interested in media ethics and in the sociology of online news work, or the people and processes behind the creation of news in a network, and has recently been looking at journalists’ reactions to "user-generated content."
Singer holds a Ph.D. in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, an M.A. in liberal studies from New York University and a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. Born in New York and raised in Atlanta, she came to Iowa in 1999 after several years on the journalism faculty at Colorado State University. She is co-author of Online Journalism Ethics: Traditions and Transitions, published in 2007, and of Participatory Journalism in Online Newspapers: Guarding the Internet’s Open Gates, due for publication in late 2010 or early 2011. She also has published widely in scholarly journals and is the 2007 recipient of the Clifford G. Christians Ethics Research Award.


Present Professor, Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Iowa School of Journalism & Mass Communication

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