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Talking Back! Reporting Out to Community Partners
Design Dialogues How-to Series
  • Katherine R. Bruna, Iowa State University
  • Carla A. McNelly
  • Jane M. Rongerude, Iowa State University
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This is the tenth curricular pamphlet of the Design Dialogues series. This pamphlet provides youth with the opportunity to share their ideas with decision-makers and people in authority regarding ways to improve and/or enhance their learning environments.

The activities presented here enable readers to demonstrate learning outcomes, engage is making sense of materials from previous sessions, identify themes within youth projects, connect themes to ideas for change, and articulate ideas for positive change to school and community partners.


This article is published as Richardson Bruna, K., McNelly, C., and Rongerude, J. (2020) Talking Back! Reporting Out to Community Partners. Publication #10. In J. Rongerude, K.R. Bruna, K. Greder, & C. McNelly (Eds.), Design Dialogues How-to Series, DDC 0001K, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Posted with permission.

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ISU Extension and Outreach
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Katherine R. Bruna, Carla A. McNelly and Jane M. Rongerude. "Talking Back! Reporting Out to Community Partners" Design Dialogues How-to Series Vol. DDC 1K (2020)
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