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“Victors” and “victims”: Men, women, modernism and art in Australia
Journal of Australian studies (2003)
  • Jane E Hunt, Flinders University


It is relatively easy to misread the history of artistic modernism in Australia. Glance at a handful of key sources, and they all seem to tell the story of a battle: in the years between the two world wars the Australian art establishment was run by a band of big bad traditionalists - art historian Bernard Smith likens them to the priests of Leviticus - who were at first irritated and later seriously threatened by a bunch of critical young innovators.

  • artistic modernism,
  • Australia,
  • art establishment
Publication Date
January 1, 2003
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Hunt, J.E. (2003). “Victors” and “victims”: Men, women, modernism and art in Australia. Journal of Australian studies, 27(80), 65-75.

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Jane E Hunt. "“Victors” and “victims”: Men, women, modernism and art in Australia" Journal of Australian studies Vol. 27 Iss. 80 (2003)
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