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The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.3
The Iowa Homemaker
  • Daisy Mary Kimberley, Iowa State College
  • Genevieve Fisher, Iowa State College
  • Berniece Williams, Iowa State College
  • Myrtle Marie Campbell, Iowa State College
  • Barbara Field, Iowa State College
  • Alvina Iverson, Iowa State College
  • Jane Currie, Iowa State College
  • Winnifred Cannon, Iowa State College
  • Gwen Griffith, Iowa State College
  • Marjorie Pettinger, Iowa State College
  • Ida Halpin, Iowa State College
  • Marian Abbott, Iowa State College
  • Faithe Danielson, Iowa State College
  • Dorothy Evans, Iowa State College
  • Eunice Anderson, Iowa State College
Table of Contents

Inside Information, page 1

Our Heritage by Daisy Mary Kimberley, page 2

Welcome by Genevieve Fisher, Dean, Home Economics Division, page 3

We Wondered “How?” – So We Asked by Berniece Williams, page 4

Behind the Kitchen Door by Myrtle Marie Campbell, page 5

Shopper Sally at Your Service by Barbara Field, page 6

Conventioning from Coast to Coast by Alvina Iverson, page 7

All Aboard for Mortar Board by Jane Currie, page 7

Dear Freshman, by Winnifred Cannon, page 8

Equipment Economics by Gwen Griffith, page 9

What’s New in Home Economics edited by Marjorie Pettinger, page 10

Coed Training for Football by Ida Halpin, page 12

“This Is the Way We Wash Our Clothes” by Marian Abbott, page 13

Alums in the News by Faithe Danielson, page 14

How Do You Rate? by Dorothy Evans, page 16

Behind Bright Jackets, page 18

To Your Dresser by Eunice Anderson, page 20

Keeping Posted by the editor, page 21

Citation Information
Daisy Mary Kimberley, Genevieve Fisher, Berniece Williams, Myrtle Marie Campbell, et al.. "The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.3"
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