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About Jan Van der Spiegel

Research Interests
Vision Sensors: We are studying novel current-mode image sensors with analog spatial processing and a new pixel array design, in which several techniques are combined to improve the quality of the images. Included in the design is a new addressing scheme that allows a group of pixels to share the same readout circuitry, therefore reducing the pixel size and increasing the resolution. The new design has removed the in-pixel accessing switches, and uses velocity saturated operation in order to increase the readout linearity. We are also integrating a successive approximation ADC on the imager. The ADC is natively current mode, and is designed to interface directly with the current mode pixels without the need for sample-and-hold circuits or current-to-voltage converters.
Sensor for Polarization Imaging: We are also developing a focal plane imaging sensor capable of real time extraction of polarization information. The imaging system consists of a photo array of linear current mode active pixel sensors and analog processing circuitry for computation of the Stokes parameters. A dual-tier thin film micro-polarizer array has been deposited on the imager. A commercially available thin film polarizer is used to create an array of micro-polarizers. The thin film polarizer consists of an iodine-doped Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) layer which is patterned and etched using RIE. The measured extinction ratios of the filters are 1000 and 100 for the blue/green and red spectrum, respectively.
Mixed mode Integrated Circuits for Data Acquisition Systems and Communications: We are currently exploring different architectures and algorithms to realize high performance analog-to-digital converters. One project deals background calibration schemes to correct for any residual non-idealities (linear and non-linear) in pipe-lined analog-to-digital converters. We are also developing CMOS circuits for RF communications using AlN Contour-Mode Piezoelectric Resonators in collaboration with Prof. G. Lucca’s group.


Present Associate Dean for Education, University of Pennsylvania
Present Director of the Center for Sensor Technologies, University of Pennsylvania
Present Professor of Electrical Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

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Contact Information

Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering
University of Pennsylvania
200 S. 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6314
PHONE: (215) 898-7116


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