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Grandparent Care in the American Indian/ Alaska Native Population
Gerontology Institute Publications
  • Jan Mutchler, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • SeungAh Lee
  • Lindsey A. Baker
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Research Report
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The purpose of this report is to provide information on American Indian/Alaska Native (hereafter, Native American) grandparent caregivers in the United States. Many grandparents are responsible for grandchildren who live with them in the same household. The 1996 Welfare Reform Act mandates that statistics be collected on grandparents who serve as caregivers to a grandchild. In response to this requirement, questions were developed for the 2000 Census of Population asking each adult about care for grandchildren living in the same household. We use the census information to identify grandparents who are caring for grandchildren in two different types of households: skipped-generation households, in which a grandparent and grandchild live together but no parent is present, and three-generation shared care households, in which the grandparent claims responsibility for the grandchild but one or more of the child’s parents are also present. Data from the 2000 Census 5% Public Use Microdata Sample are used in our calculations.
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No, this is not community-engaged.
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Jan Mutchler, SeungAh Lee and Lindsey A. Baker. "Grandparent Care in the American Indian/ Alaska Native Population" (2002)
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