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Evaluating Economic Security for Massachusetts Seniors
Office of Community Partnerships Posters
  • Jan Mutchler, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Ellen A. Bruce, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Alison Gottlieb, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Jiyoung Lyu, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Yao‐Chi Shih, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Gerontology Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston, Gerontology Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston
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The Elder Economic Security Standard Index measures the income that Massachusetts’ seniors need to maintain independence and meet basic living expenses. The sizable gap between Social Security benefits and living expenses occurs throughout Massachusetts, but is more substantial for singles than for couples. Those who are older, single, female or a member of a racial or ethnic minority group are exposed to especially high risk of falling short of Index values. The Elder Index estimates the living costs for seniors in every locality in the country and serves as a valuable tool for community members, policy makers, and those working on behalf of elders.

Presented as part of the poster showcase at the Office of Community Partnerships' Community-Engaged Partnerships Symposium on April 5, 2012 at UMass Boston.

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Jan Mutchler, Ellen A. Bruce, Alison Gottlieb, Jiyoung Lyu, et al.. "Evaluating Economic Security for Massachusetts Seniors" (2012)
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