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Cyber resilience is a national problem
  • Jan Kallberg, University of Texas at Dallas

The biggest challenge for American cyber resilience right now is to disseminate knowledge within the nation. The federal sector, the financial institutions, and the defense complex are on top of the game to a high degree. The asymmetric way cyber conflicts are and will be fought exposes the whole government structure of a country. The sheer numbers entities that form local government are staggering – just as examples I mention that in the US there are 6,000 counties, 15,000 police departments, and 50,000 public utilities. My take is that to be able to strengthen American cyber resiliency local government needs to play an active role and they vehicle to disseminate knowledge, support them as subject matter experts, and give guidance it has to come from an organization that they already trust. Local people trust local people – that is almost a natural law.

  • cyber resiliency,
  • cyber resilient,
  • cyber defense
Publication Date
Fall October 15, 2014
Citation Information
Jan Kallberg. "Cyber resilience is a national problem" C4ISR JOURNAL (DEFENSE NEWS) (2014)
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