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About Janice Patricia Kinney

Janice Kinney has dedicated her life to learning more about, and being able to access, the universal consciousness she experienced as a young child.  Becoming aware of this consciousness and its unlimited and eternal nature set her on her life's path.

In 2010 Janice met Mahendra Trivedi. Mr. Trivedi has the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to living organisms or non living materials any where in the world. The energy performs intelligently and beneficially to the recipient’s unique needs, optimizing the recipients' potential thus altering their behaviors and characteristics . This phenomenon is known as the Trivedi Effect.

Janice had always felt something was missing when she was talking to her clients about universal consciousness. The Trivedi Effect was a means to help her clients actually experience what she had been sharing with them in words.

So, in 2012 Ms. Kinney started offering the biofield energy transmissions with fantastic results. Her clients have reported extraordinary benefits in their physical health, relationships, emotional well-being, mental capabilities, sexual satisfaction and finances. They testify to having greater motivation, inspiration, intuitive powers, confidence, self esteem, love of life, calmness, awareness of their life purpose and focus. Many say they look and feel younger.

Janice has since had her abilities to harness and transmit the Trivedi Effect scientifically tested and published in peer reviewed science journals. Her studies in cell biology and skin care, etc., were conducted with the most sophisticated technologies available. The results have astounded scientists.


Present Transmitter of biofield energy, Trivedi Global Inc.

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