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Optimism and Planning for Future Care Needs Among Older Adults
  • Silvia Sörensen, University of Rochester
  • Jameson K. Hirsch, University of Rochester
  • Jeffrey M. Lyness, University of Rochester
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Aging is associated with an increase in need for assistance. Preparation for future care (PFC) is related to improved coping ability as well as better mental and physical health outcomes among older adults. We examined the association of optimism with components of PFC among older adults. We also explored race differences in the relationship between optimism and PFC. In Study 1, multiple regression showed that optimism was positively related to concrete planning. In Study 2, optimism was related to gathering information. An exploratory analysis combining the samples yielded a race interaction: For Whites higher optimism, but for Blacks lower optimism was associated with more planning. High optimism may be a barrier to future planning in certain social and cultural contexts.

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Silvia Sörensen, Jameson K. Hirsch and Jeffrey M. Lyness. "Optimism and Planning for Future Care Needs Among Older Adults" GeroPsych Vol. 27 Iss. 1 (2014) p. 5 - 22 ISSN: 1662-9647
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