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Johannine Christianity: Jewish Christianity?
  • James F McGrath, Butler University
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Since the publication of J. Louis Martyn's Decisive Study, History and Theology in the in the Fourth Gospel (1979), there has been a growing consensus among Johannine scholars that the Gospel of John was composed in the context of conflict with the synagogue, and that it is thus best understood and interpreted against the background of Judaism and Jewish Christianity'. However, several recent studies have sought to challenge this position, primarily on two fronts: Johannine Christology (Casey 1991 :23-38) and the Johannine attitude towards the Torah (Schnelle 1992:31-36). These recent challenges to the growing consensus have also pointed to the Johannine attitude toward 'the Jews' as corroborating evidence to support their case.

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James F McGrath. "Johannine Christianity: Jewish Christianity?" Koinonia Vol. 8 Iss. 1 (1996) p. 1 - 20
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