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Estimating Leaf Area of Abies lasiocarpa Across Ranges of Stand Density and Site Quality
Canadian Jorunal of Forest Research
  • James N Long
  • Frederick W Smith
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For a given species, differences in the relation between leaf area and sapwood cross-sectional area at breast height have been attributed to the effects of varying stand density and site quality. When leaf area of Abieslasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. is estimated as a function of sapwood cross-sectional area at breast height and distance from breast height to the midpoint of the crown, the apparent effects of stand density and site quality are eliminated. A comparison of these results with those for Pinuscontorta Dougl. suggests this model form should provide unbiased estimates of leaf area for a variety of species and stand conditions.


Originally published by the National Research Council - Canada. Abstract available through remote link. Subscription required to access article fulltext.

Citation Information
Long, J.N. and F.W. Smith (1989). Estimating leaf area of Abies lasiocarpa across ranges of stand density and site quality. Can. J. For. Res. 19(7):930-932.