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Under-storey Nutrient Content in an Age Sequence of Douglas-fir Stands
Annals of Botany (1977)
  • James N. Long, Utah State University
  • J. Turner
  • A. Backiel
The nutrient concentrations and contents of the under-storey species were estimated for a series of Pacific North-west Douglas-fir [Pseudotsuga menxiessii (Mirb.) Franco] stands ranging in age from 9 to 95 years. Analyses were carried out for ash, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn and Na and significant differences in nutrient concentrations were found to exist between species; species rejecting certain nutrients and accumulating others. General trends for mean concentrations of some nutrients are associated with stand maturity in that ash, K and Mg decline, P and Mn increase and N and Ca reaches a peak at 20–30 years and then declines. The nutrient contents (kg ha−1) of the under-storey component of the stands are presented and trends discussed.
  • mineral nutrient content,
  • under-story vegetation,
  • Pseudotsuga menziessii stands,
  • Douglas-fir
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James N. Long, J. Turner and A. Backiel. "Under-storey Nutrient Content in an Age Sequence of Douglas-fir Stands" Annals of Botany Vol. 42 Iss. 5 (1977) p. 1045 - 1055
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