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About James Thomas Wheeler

My research has focused on gauge theories of general relativity. The search includes formulations of general relativity based on the Lorentz, Poincaré, de Sitter, anti-de Sitter, Weyl and conformal groups.
Among these, two classes of theories, both based on the conformal group, show promise: Palatini-Weyl gravity and biconformal gravity.
Recent results show that the Palatini-type variation of Weyl gravity (Palatini-Weyl) leads to general relativity rather than the fourth-order equations that follow from metric variation alone.
Biconformal gravity places space-time as a Lagrangian submanifold of a symplectic manifold. Results include the origin of time from Euclidean space, and candidates for geometric dark energy and dark matter.

Quantum field theory, general relativity, gauge theory, mathematical physics, conformal gravity, biconformal gravity


Present Associate Professor, Utah State University Physics

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Phone: (435) 797-3349
Office: Science Engineering Research (SER) 228


Selected articles (36)

Gravitational gauge theory: biconformal (31)

Gravity theories based on the quotient of the conformal group by its homogeneous Weyl subgroup.