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The spacetime co-torsion in torsion-free biconformal spaces
Digital Commons (2015)
  • James Thomas Wheeler, Utah State University

In preceding studies, [TR Gamma minus, TR Gamma plus] we showed that the solution for the connection of flat biconformal space also solves the curved space field equations for the torsion and co-torsion. We continued this investigation with an attempt to solve the full set of torsion and co-torsion field equations, with only the assumption of vanishing torsion and the known form of the metric. We successfully reduced the torsion equations to a single equation. Here, we reduce that equation to its essential degrees of freedom. We find that the spacetime co-torsion is entirely determined by the scale vector and certain contractions of the totally symmetric part of the difference of the symmetric connections.

  • Biconformal,
  • conformal,
  • gauge theory,
  • gravity,
  • torsion,
  • co-torsion
Publication Date
Winter February 9, 2015
Citation Information
James Thomas Wheeler. "The spacetime co-torsion in torsion-free biconformal spaces" Digital Commons (2015)
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