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Gauge theories of general relativity
24th Midwest Relativity Meeting (2014)
  • James Thomas Wheeler, Utah State University

General relativity can be seen as a gauge theory of the Lorentz, Poincaré, Weyl, de Sitter, or conformal groups. In most of these, there is little or no difference from the standard formulation in Riemannian geometry, but the higher symmetries — de Sitter and conformal — introduce new features and explain old ones. The potential presence of a cosmological constant, the spacetime metric, cosmological dust, symplectic structure, Kähler structure and even the existence of a timelike direction can all be seen to arise from the underlying group structure.

Publication Date
Fall November 7, 2014
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James Thomas Wheeler. "Gauge theories of general relativity" 24th Midwest Relativity Meeting (2014)
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