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Proof of the Supernatural and Paranormal By Showing that the Language is Real, Exists, and Has Essence
several (2013)
  • James T Struck

A proof of the paranormal,supernatural, God, Gods can be done using the reality, existence, prevalence, occurrence of paranormal and supernatural language. Language of God, Gods, Mystery, things beyond the natural like magic have existed throughout human history. As we find language about things beyond the natural world like God and Gods in Jewish, Philistine, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, pagan, Celtic, Aryan, early cultures, proof of the supernatural and paranormal language is then complete as the language exists (Go to World Cat, library databases and look up words like supernatural, Paranormal to see that such words do exist in libraries and archives). Further, I can say "God, Gods, supernatural talk exists and has existed for some time providing evidence of the supernatural as the words exist." . The background requirement is met as I have attended 25 or so schools and published extensively John Cupertino, Thomas Aquinas,Jesus, Ezekiel etc supposedly were some of the saints, prophets that levitated can be said. As one can say John Cupertino, Jesus levitated,language or the existence of the paranormal is proved as the language is real. Language about the paranormal is real therefore the language proves there is paranormal language- a type of paranormal experience is paranormal discussion and word use. The existence of paranormal language is prevalent words like magic, healing, miracle, levitation, bi location, mystery, apparition, vision are real therefore the paranormal language and paranormal are proven to exist. James Randi's test can be met through showing miracle, God, Gods, mystery, paranormal language are real and exist. This argument was first made several years ago. Illegal discrimination against my training as an acolyte, French, Luxembourg, Belgium, German, Lithuanian, Russian, US ancestry, sex discrimination against my views that priests can marry, gender discrimination against my views that females can be priests and education discrimination against my 25 schools, colleges, universities attended, ancestry discrimination against my mom having religious education and 5 Catholic schools, 2 Aunts being nuns, uncle being a priest would persuade some judges to give me co-papacy. Again claiming co-papacy is kind of beyond normal or almost paranormal. James T. STruck BA, BS, AA, MLIS

  • supernatural,
  • paranormal,
  • mystery,
  • magic,
  • occult,
  • levitation
Publication Date
Winter February 16, 2013
Citation Information
James T Struck. "Proof of the Supernatural and Paranormal By Showing that the Language is Real, Exists, and Has Essence" several (2013)
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