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Some Economic, Math, Physics, Chemistry Discoveries
Submitted to math journal (2013)
  • James T Struck

1 Some Economics, Math, Chemistry, Physics Discoveries by James T. Struck BA, BS, AA, MLIS Much of my academic work has been in the areas of making new discoveries; some of my math and economics discoveries are below. In 2006-2009, James T. Struck introduced the topic of the "Economics of harmful things" and "economic narrative" talking about harmful economic processes can be associated with discrimination and how we can tell economic stories as an economics method. EU awarded peace prize 10/12/2012 which is great, but European nations/U.S. recently involved in harmful process of bombing in Libya, economic discussion of that can be associated with discrimination. What economic effect does "daily bread" have or "love your neighbor" have? What is the economic impact of a text or scripture? James helped show that some economic events are truly chaotic; there is no organization to some processes..the loss of money in a stock, investment can sometimes be the effect of just chaotic disorganized processes not a person's misbehavior. James also helped show how states taking away the rights and resources of the disabled/different under guardianship or health care are doing slavery like activity. Fantasy economics was introduced earlier this year..we can fantasize about a world without money. Unknown in economics was introduced in 2010; we do not really know all currencies involved in our activities or where money is going. How is an annuity really different than a possibly illegal tontine since there are survivor ship credits? Charles Evans Dawes, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington were buried in above ground burial sites. That is, at least 3 of 90 presidents and vice presidents were buried above ground. Hong Kong does not have space to bury many people. The economics of death is an important field of economics. I worked on Chinese cemeteries in 1989 and their space problems. The Nobel Prize in Economics is associated with U of Chicago, Columbia, NYU, so arguing for awarding the prize to someone with a public school affiliation is a type of contribution to the economic sciences. I discovered concepts like Economic Simplicity indicator (is the event complex or simple?) showing the subjective nature of indicators, wealth as arbitrary-visits with mom/dad/kids/animals can be something that someone sees as wealth rather than money, economics of harmful things that many issues are associated with harmful issues and the discussion meets with retaliation, most people do not win competitions but creation of more competitions creates more winners, household economics such as cleaning, interior decorating, book, magazine buying, utility bills can be awarded, economics of death, religious scriptures having economic effects, friendship leading to associations and effects, labels such as Marxists, Smithians, Keynesians can be misleading as the person responds differently to situations, public spending as just as high in capitalist states as communist states. I have affiliation/attendance with public schools LSU, UIC, Harold Washington College, Truman College, Daley College, City Wide College, Wilbur Wright College and NEIU, U of Michigan and public school affiliation is a contribution to the economic sciences. 2 Talking about my peace contributions can be an economics story, all these peace activities are costly. Who else was involved shows the value of the Unknown in economics? One does know how many others are involved in issues. James T. Struck's work advocating rights to decide/resources for the disabled/different rather than slavery under guardianship/health care, Nobel Prize for Ghandi, women and others left out in past (economists have been left out), the right of soldiers to sit down to reduce standing armies (less blisters as economic benefit), advocating working with Russia on space station in letter to President Bush in 1991,advocating astronomy as improving friendliness among nations, Unilateral Peace Congresses where we have congresses by ourselves to work out problems, symbolic activity and symbols to bring about thoughts of peace (Shalom, doves, olive branches, shaking hands, hugs, talking, donations, charity, prayer), not killing innocent people with bombs, advocating the right to consent to treatment/shots, sleep as a peace activity, communication as a peace tool, advocating negotiations rather than bombs in Haiti/Kosovo/China,advocating an end to torture weapon sales to South Africa with Marc Stahl/Dan Struck in 1982, extending the START talks through emails to President Obama, keeping eatable food rather than throwing food away, conserving animals at zoos rather than harming them, and arguing that peace congresses are potentially harmful as they historically divided up Poland. Yes, millions of others are appropriate to award too! Awards to millions could be done; awards to millions would mean $1 and some change to each person!!! Every prize could be awarded to many people expanding the award to more people. James T. STruck BA, BS,AA, MLIS 773 680-7024 P O Box 61 Evanston IL 60204 Some of my discoveries in psychology include rights for people not slavery under guardianship/health care, mental illness as result of poverty/difficult circumstances not biochemistry, love mediated through many mechanisms, diagnoses as discriminatory and used discriminatorily, Struck Disease seeing a disease when there is no disease, Invention disease inventing too much, Alzheimer's initial patient as using poetic language "I have lost myself" just poetic speech, and recognition of any discovery as having significance, freeing the 1.5-6 million people under guardianships to have rights to decide, German psychiatrists associated with expansion of German military and psychology sometimes associated with expanding military now too. Discoveries in other areas are below. Since I discovered a new use of the math period (to show breaks between ideas), conditions language (to show when an equation or function works or does not), new numbers (imaginary, oscillating, disappearing, changing numbers), and disproved 6 of the major math conjectures of history, I would be grateful if you would consider me for your math awards. I was also able to provide a cure for "Invention/Discovery Disease" we can invent discover/invent too much and we should recognize that rest, sleep, learning, reading, studying are important too! Thank you sincerely for your consideration. 3 Mystery Math Story-Disproofs of 6 math problems-Conjectures Can Be Disproven Too Albert Einstein published 5 major papers in 1905, but there is only a mystery between Einstein's miraculous year and 6 math papers produced by me from 2010-2012. Several of the conjectures I disprove below existed during Einstein's time. Mystery can be found in math;we can disprove and prove math ideas. Mystery can be seen everywhere. The Universe’s existence is mysterious- can be disproved and proven. Here are disproofs of math conjectures; Perelman showed math ideas can be proven too. Riemman Hypothesis- Prime numbers are numbers which are not the product or 2 numbers. Define number infinity Z which is not the product of 2 other numbers. Place infinity z off the line which Reimman argued for. Reimman hypothesis therefore disproved. P=NP disproof P is solution verified by computer. 100 people differ on solution 100P 100 people feel there is a certain solution to problem. 100P# 100 people do not believe there is a solution to problem. 100 P Null A computer is capable of verifying the solutions or non solutions, and it is possible for the computer to find the solutions or non solutions to the problem. The computers solutions found or verified, however, would not be the solutions for those who do not feel there is a solution. The different solutions found by 100 people would not be the same as the 100 people who feel there is a certain solution P # or no solution P Null. 100 P and 100P # and 100 P Null can be verified and found but P cannot =NP as 100 P Null do not agree with solutions of 100 P# 100 of a certain solutions or 100 P 100 different solutions The computer could verify some solution, but if that solution is not 100 P # certain or 100 P Null, then the P=NP hypothesis is disproved as P NULL and P # certain do not agree with solutions of 100P different solutions. Verified solutions cannot be found as different solutions are perceived by problem solvers for which the verified solutions will not equal the found solutions. Solutions have a subjective nature to them such that a problem solver can always see a solution verified or found but not be the verified or found solutions of other problem solvers hence P is not equal to NP. Hodge Conjecture-If the shape is always altering or oscillating, there does not have to be an algebriac variety which makes up the shape. For example for a virtual shape, there is no need for an algebraic variety. For an antishape, there would be no need for an algebraic variety. For the absence of a shape which can be seen as a shape, there does not have to be an algebraic variety. Navier Stokes-The equations can be seen as largely irrelevant to fluid flow with no point in solving them as every gas, fluid, cloud is distinctive in some way than the Navier Stokes equations describe. Yang Mill mass of quantum particles- Virtual particles do not have to have mass, so the Yang Mill hypothesis is incorrect.Quantum particles do not have to have mass also as their mass can appear and disappear and therefore small positive mass is uneeded. Particles can also have negative mass or inverse mass related to antiparticles. I also disproved the Poincare conjecture by showing that changing objects do not have 4 to map one to one to a 3 sphere as the changing object is always changing. Here is a second disproof. A simply connected closed charted area would be one which can be compressed to a point or get close to a point in space. Spheres and donuts are considered to not be homeomorphic, but areas of spheres, donuts can be compressed to points or be simply connected close manifolds. As spheres and donuts are not homeomorphic, simply connected closed manifolds on spheres and donuts do not have to map homeomorphically to other 3 dimensional spheres. Put simply, areas on spheres and donuts can be compressed to points, but a sphere cannot be stretched and bent into a donut. Therefore the areas compressable to points on spheres cannot be stretched and bent into areas compressable to points on donuts! Poincare's conjecture is therefore shown false. Conjectures can be disproven-Case study Period as a math invention 2+2=4 3+3=6 4+4=8 can be confusing without the period . 2+2=0 (where 2 is reflective of 2 piles of sand, galaxies, pulsars, quasars or objects which disappear into 0 piles of sand, pulsars, quasars, galaxies, stars). The Struck/ Strakalaitis Conjecture is that periods can be used to show that a math expression has completed and that a new expression may start. One can disprove the Struck/Strakalaitis Conjecture by showing that a period can be used to show an interval over which something happens rather than being a notation separating expressions. Similarly, these disproofs of major conjectures have value to consider. We do not need to prove conjectures. My brother Jonathan Philip Flemming Matthew Struck would have been 42 today 5/7/2012, but died at 29 in 1999 related to too much alcohol and exercise at the same time. A conjecture that quantities of alcohol and exercise are good was disproved in the case of my younger brother. Disproofs have much value. Math shows evidence of mystery as conjectures can be proved and disproven. James T. Struck BA, BS,AA, MLIS P O Box 61 Evanston iL 60204 Some of my chemistry and physics discoveries include Blue objects at 1, 19, 30 AU's. The 1, 19, 30 AU law can be a new Struck Planetary Rule/Law just like Kepler or other theorists. Frank Drake goes from many objects to an equation about life. Johannes Kepler sees elliptical orbits, I see blue planets at 3 distances. Why does Kepler get mentioned in every astronomy book while my law was just discovered in November 2012? The basic fact of blue planets at 1, 19, 30 AU is mentioned in many recent basic astronomy books, but not grouped together as discovery of blue planets at 3 distances. Grouping basic information leads to a possibly new law (Struck 1,19, 30 Blue Planet Law)? I discovered 9 new chemical elements, parts of protons/neutrons, proton model elements, pure model elements with neutron surrounded by different protons, element breakdown buildup, collision, combination theories of cosmology, new numbers like oscillating, changing, disappearing numbers, new forces like force that increases with distance, collected particle force, improvisational symphonies, evolutionary theory where any factor can be key to evolution not just reproduction, new atomic configurations in linear, square, galactic, solar system and different number of electron isotopes. Just like Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, I was able to expose some pharmaceuticals as toxic substances which people can go off and make discoveries. Like Lincoln's concern with slavery, I was able to argue that people should not lose their rights 5 to decide resources for having disabilities under guardianship or health care. Invented new religion of learning from many religions including agnosticism and atheism, but opposition to God harming all life like in Noah's flood, and using religious services as a way to get release from confinement. Candidate for co-president using affirmative action, 15 th amendment voting rights of young, disabled, criminals, mentally ill, seniors who voted for me at debate tournaments, college admissions, and publications in many states, higher number of college admissions, college attendance, patent applications, songs, poems, books, letters following 12 th amendment and the 1824 election where person with middle name won. James T. Struck BA, BS,AA, MLIS 773 680-7024 P OBOx 61 Evanston IL 60204

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