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Majority Opinion of One-Astronomical Electioneering
not submitted to any except Constitutional Law Journal (2012)
  • James T Struck

We can speak of a majority opinion of one judge and a minority opinion of 8 judges. Minority as in less significant than and majority as in more than one or more significant than. Electioneering is campaigning for someone, but doing it too close to polling places is a legal problem. In astronomical terms, all Earth locations can be said to be close or proximate to other Earth locations. When Illinois and Cook County enslave disabled people by denying phone, visitation, fresh air away from smoking, home, consent, fresh air, museums, parks, reunions, medical records, dental services, religious services as Illinois federal and state judges do, a majority of one judge can help protect rights.

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James T Struck. "Majority Opinion of One-Astronomical Electioneering" not submitted to any except Constitutional Law Journal (2012)
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