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My Contirbution to 2 Nobel Prizes
none (2011)
  • James T Struck

How Several People Contribute To Nobel Prizes Who Go Unmentioned My contribution to Nobel Prize in 2009 This email was sent 3/17/09 to and others. President Barack Obama received the Nobel Prize in Peace in 2009 related to the letter. “According to a story on, the START 1 treaty will end soon. Russia in response is discussing rearmament of nuclear weapons. If nuclear materials are in warheads, people at a distance can be easily hurt by the missiles. If materials are outside a warhead, terrorism might occur with the materials. Discussing these issues at a START or SALT like treaty conference might be helpful to keep peace with regard to Russia and the US. Some of us grew up with movies about a Red Dawn or nuclear missile uses. Limiting the use of those weapons might be an interesting issue for President Obama and Biden to talk to Russian leadership about.” My contribution to Nobel Prizes in 2011. The Nobel Prize to 3 women in 2011 was associated with this email from 3/16/2006 Dear Nobel Institute and Award Committees for Medicine and Physics and other Committees, I wanted to express my distress over your not awarding the Nobel Prize to Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Rosalind Franklin. Even though Dr. Burnell at that point was not a professor and Ms. Franklin was only one of three people in Dr. Watson and Dr. Crick's laboratory, it is an insult to people who contribute discoveries to different fields for the award to not be given to Dr. Jocelyn Bell and Ms. Rosalind Franklin. Your institutes and academies should be ashamed of yourself. It is appalling that Dr. Bell and Ms. Franklin's contributions were not recognized while other people's contributions were. I admit I have an interest in this topic as I am someone who contributes to many fields without getting credit sometimes. I am just trying to show you that I am sort of like Dr. Bell and Ms. Franklin in being a non-professor contributor to many fields. How would you feel if your work was not recognized because you were not a professor or were a woman or a discriminated against person or member of a discriminated against group or race or ethnicity? The institutes and academies need to include all appropriate contributors without regard to whether or not the person has a PHD or is a professor. Some people are genuine victims of intense discrimination. Some people do not become professors because of family and community responsibilities. A final Note about Finality Why are we putting people in ground so quickly? Why should people not have several days of waking at different places?

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James T Struck. "My Contirbution to 2 Nobel Prizes" none (2011)
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