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Unpublished Paper
Second Hand Smoking and Geneva Convention Concerns Retaliated Against By Judges, Nursing Homes and Guardians
ExpressO (2009)
  • James T Struck

Second hand smoke and Geneva Convention concerns are retaliated against by some judges and guardians. Visitation, phone, going home rights, reimbursement requests, church rights, consent rights,chemicals used, fresh air, treatment of choice, record rights are restricted in response to requests to get fresh air. Second hand smoke, however, is widely discussed to be associated with cancer and other mortality. Nursing homes have a history of significant mortality, and someone can see many smokers at some nursing homes. Requests for fresh air from smokers in one county are responded to with death threats, harassment allegations, jail threats, arm twisting, being pushed from buildings, lock up threats and rights restrictions. There are many smokers outside some libraries too. Shots without consent are given in response to these issues and issues like concerns with employment discrimination, concerns with comments like "if you talk you will be fired," "if you talk on a train you will be fired","you went bitchin to the government","good thing there are cages in squad cars for people off medication," being pushed into cabinets, house burglarized, house tpd, egged, car hit with hockey sticks, spouse, parents and children die, and sister getting beat up, concerns with frequent alcohol service associated with deaths , and concerns about these shots without consent, right to get mail, right to live where you want to, right to find a new apartment, right to dispute an eviction and what chemicals were used on family members.

  • second hand smoke,
  • elder abuse,
  • child abuse,
  • Geneva Convention,
  • woman abuse,
  • guardianship abuse,
  • retaliation,
  • civil liberties,
  • civil rights,
  • cancer,
  • nursing homes,
  • family,
  • parent children
Publication Date
Summer June 22, 2009
Citation Information
James T Struck. "Second Hand Smoking and Geneva Convention Concerns Retaliated Against By Judges, Nursing Homes and Guardians" ExpressO (2009)
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