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Interrogating Perspective
Architecture Conference Proceedings and Presentations
  • James M. Spiller, Iowa State University
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National Conference on the Beginning Design Student
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The guides which built much of the last five centuries of architecture will never be seen. The construction lines projected from one drawing type to the next dissipated as the forms they buttressed emerged. Projections, which have been quietly guiding the geometry of architecture for centuries, have remained an untapped design resource for too long. Lines scaffold the architect’s design process; ideas emerge through action and reaction. The construction lines frame potential represented space, which are projected from one drawing type to the next in order to clarify a proposed spatial construct. Projection, a method of dimensional drawing translation, facilitates visualization and revision of design intent. The confrontation of intention and actualization is perhaps no more provocative in architectural drawing practice than in the projected architectural perspective.
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College of Architecture, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
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James M. Spiller. "Interrogating Perspective" Lincoln, NE(2011)
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