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Act 3: A Feel for Society (1949-1984)
A Privileged Past
  • James Smith Allen, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Act 3 is the third chapter of "A Privileged Past."

Publication Date
In Act 3, the personal story of the author is developed from birth to marriage (1949-1984), with particular attention to the historical role of cultural capital as defined by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. "A Privileged Past" considers Bourdieu’s key components of this concept in the author’s education, travel, professional training, and social networks. The central literary figure in this chapter is the sense of touch, suggesting metaphorically the critical support provided by family members, close friends, and good colleagues. It ends with the warm press of hands and lips during the author’s wedding.
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James Smith Allen. "Act 3: A Feel for Society (1949-1984)" (2010)
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