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Unpublished Paper
Creating Value in Education Marketing
  • James R Seligman, University of Southampton

Purpose of this paper is to systematically review and explore the nature of marketing in education (HE) and consider the creation of value through the co-creation process. The objectives of the review were to: collect, document, scrutinise and critically analyse the current research literature on value elements in marketing and how co-creation between the sender (school) and receiver (student) co-create; to establish the scope of education marketing; to identify gaps in the research literature, and make recommendations for further research in this field. The approach for this study entailed extensive searches of relevant business management and education databases on value based marketing and co-creation. The intention was to ensure that, as far as possible, all literature in the field was identified – while keeping the focus on literature of greatest importance to the research question. The potential benefits of applying marketing theories and concepts which have been effective in the commercial world are being adopted by researchers and managers in the field of not for profit education marketing. However, the literature on educational marketing is inconsistent, even contradictory, and lacks theoretical models that reflect upon the particular context of educational marketing and the use of value in the marketing of school services. The research field of educational marketing, value and co-creation is still at a relatively pioneer stage with much research still to be carried out both from a problem - identification and also strategic perspective. Despite the literature on the marketization of schools and higher education and student behaviour, research does provide evidence of the marketing strategies that have been implemented and marketing of school remains limited, and this is relatively uncharted territory. This paper reviews the literature in the field, focusing on marketing strategies of value and co-creation in the competitive school market for students. The theoretical findings suggest there is a place for value development and the use of co-creation in the marketing of schools by engaging the student in the process and providing complete transparency and a proper feedback loop. From a managerial position, the findings present changes in how schools should be marketed with more focus on objectives, strategies, marketing tools, staff, and student engagement, performance measures. The overall conclusion drawn is marketing of schools has relevance, however, the relevance is only useful if value is developed over time, and supports the school brand and what values are associated with it in a competitive market.

  • Value,
  • Marketing,
  • Education,
  • Schools,
  • Universities
Publication Date
Spring April 1, 2012
Concepts of Value Application in the Marketing of Schools and Universities
Citation Information
James R Seligman. "Creating Value in Education Marketing" (2012)
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