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Unpublished Paper
Service Experience and Phenomena
Marketing Phenomena (2012)
  • James R Seligman, University of Southampton

The motivation of the paper comes from meeting Bob Lusch in London, UK, 2010, and discussion on service dominant logic principals. The interest level developed since the introduction of articles in marketing literature on service dominant logic (SDL) by Vargo and Lusch (2004a, 2008) and other authors. There have been further research articles in journals, which raised the relevance of various themes in SLD, and the lack of research into the service experience and what is defined as the phenomena (Vargo and Lusch, 2008, pp2). The research question is vital in the understanding of "experience" and "phenomena" in service marketing adding to theory and practice of SDL. This conceptual paper looks at the relevant literature (secondary research) on service experience and the phenomena of what actually happens, thus constructing a framework of service experience looking at levels of service experience (experience of meaning and emotional experience).

The findings found in response to the research question are that service, experience, phenomena and co-creation overlap and are judged in the real world based on our pre- conditioning (knowledge) and our disposition at the time. The conclusions that can be drawn are that service and the phenomena are based on exchange of information, which is judged individually at the time and in hindsight. The phenomena are based on our conditioning and patterns we consider as humans in the service experience, which makes the experience judgemental.

  • Service,
  • Experience,
  • Phenomena,
  • Behaviour
Publication Date
Spring March 1, 2012
A conceptual paper on Service Experience Phenomena
Citation Information
James R Seligman. "Service Experience and Phenomena" Marketing Phenomena (2012)
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