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The World News Prism: Challenges of Digital Communication
Books by Marquette University Faculty
  • William A. Hachten, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • James Scotton, Marquette University
The World News Prism enjoys a well-earned reputation for excellence in its in-depth analysis of the changing role of transnational news media in the twenty-first-century. In the eight edition of this classic text, the authors expand their discussion of news systems in developing nations and the impact of digital media on traditional societies. A new chapter dedicated to evolving media in Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East explores the role of the Internet, cell phones, and Al Jazeera in facilitating momentous political change in the region. The book also provides important updates on the decline of print media in the West and the challenges this poses to global reporting now and for the future. Combining scholarly insights with a concise and accessible writing style, The World News Prism: Challenges of Digital Communication lends remarkable clarity to the fog of today's global information revolution.
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Table of Contents

Preface to the Eighth Edition


1 News Communication for a Global System

2 Changing Ideologies of Press Control

3 Global News Under Stress

4 Digital Media: Global, Interactive, and Free

5 The Whole World is Watching: Impact of Great News Events

6 Globalization of Media and Language

7 China: New Media In An Old Political World

8 The Middle East: Media Storms in the Desert

9 India and Africa: Contrasts in Development

10 Foreign News in Flux

11 War Reporting: Fire and Misfire

12 Public Diplomacy and Propaganda

13 Forecast: Changeable with Cloudy Periods

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William A. Hachten and James Scotton. The World News Prism: Challenges of Digital Communication. Malden, MA(2012) ISSN: 9781444338584
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