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Characterization of Early Pathogenic Effects after Experimental Infection of Calves with Bovine Immunodeficiency-Like Virus
Journal of Virology
  • Susan Long Carpenter, Iowa State University
  • Lyle D. Miller, Iowa State University
  • Soren Alexandersen, Iowa State University
  • Cecelia Anne Whetstone, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Martin J. VanDerMaaten, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Birgitte Viuff, Iowa State University
  • Yvonne Wannemuehler, Iowa State University
  • Janice M. Miller, United States Department of Agriculture
  • James A. Roth, Iowa State University
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The early pathogenic effects of bovine immunodeficiency-like virus (BIV) were studied in calves experimentally inoculated with BIV. All animals inoculated with BIV R29-infected cells seroconverted by 6 weeks postinoculation, and BIV was recoverable from each animal at 2 weeks postinoculation. However, levels of BIV replication in vivo appeared to be low. In situ hybridization studies indicated that during peak periods of viral replication in vivo, less than 0.03% of peripheral blood mononuclear cells were expressing detectable levels of viral RNA. Moreover, the levels of viral RNA in these cells in vivo were less than 1/10 the levels observed in persistently infected cells in vitro. BIV-inoculated calves had significantly higher numbers of circulating lymphocytes, and follicular hyperplasia was observed in lymph nodes, hemal nodes, and spleen. The histopathological changes observed in BIV-infected calves were similar to changes found early after infection with the immunosuppressive lentiviruses, including human immunodeficiency virus type 1.

This article is from Journal of Virology 66 (1992): 1074.

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Susan Long Carpenter, Lyle D. Miller, Soren Alexandersen, Cecelia Anne Whetstone, et al.. "Characterization of Early Pathogenic Effects after Experimental Infection of Calves with Bovine Immunodeficiency-Like Virus" Journal of Virology Vol. 66 Iss. 2 (1992) p. 1074 - 1083
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