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Standard Genetic Nomenclature
The Genetics of Cattle
  • Zhiliang Hu, Iowa State University
  • James M. Reecy, Iowa State University
  • Fiona M. McCarthy, University of Arizona
  • Carissa A. Park, Iowa State University
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Genetics includes the study of genotypes and phenotypes, the mechanisms of genetic control between them, and information transfer between generations. Genetic terms describe processes, genes and traits with which genetic phenomena are examined and described. While the genetic terminologies are extensively discussed in this book and elsewhere, the standardization of their names has been an ongoing process. Therefore, this chapter will only concentrate on discussions about the issues involved in the standardization of gene and trait terminologies.

This is a chapter in The Genetics of Cattle, 2nd edition, chapter 24 (2014): 598. Posted with permission.

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Zhiliang Hu, James M. Reecy, Fiona M. McCarthy and Carissa A. Park. "Standard Genetic Nomenclature" The Genetics of Cattle (2014) p. 598 - 608
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