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Unpublished Paper
Fatty Acid SNP Interaction Analysis in Angus Sired Beef Cattle
Animal Industry Report
  • Luke M. Kramer, Iowa State University
  • James E. Koltes, Iowa State University
  • Eric R. Fritz-Waters, Iowa State University
  • Mary Sue Mayes, Iowa State University
  • Alysta Markey, Iowa State University
  • Mahdi Saatchi, Iowa State University
  • Nathan T. Weeks, Iowa State University
  • James M. Reecy, Iowa State University
Extension Number
ASL R2952
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Summary and Implications

The triacylglyceride (TAG) fatty acid content in meat from Angus-sired cattle was analyzed for non-additive genetic effects. A total of 11,482 significant DNA marker interactions (false discovery rate [FDR] < 0.05) were detected across thirty-seven different TAG fatty acids. Interactions were not evenly distributed amongst all fatty acids analyzed, and types of interactions (additive-by-additive, additive-by-dominance, and dominance-by-dominance) varied within each individual fatty acid. These results indicate that it may be possible to account for additional genetic variance amongst TAG fatty acids over and above individual markers.

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Iowa State University
Citation Information
Luke M. Kramer, James E. Koltes, Eric R. Fritz-Waters, Mary Sue Mayes, et al.. "Fatty Acid SNP Interaction Analysis in Angus Sired Beef Cattle" (2015)
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